2 Simple Tips to Recruiting

Recruitment and sponsoring is a way of life for a Network marketing professional.  Whether you are bringing in more reps for yourself or helping your downline, you  must be able to sponsor people you do not know. 

Where get your lead or prospect is not important.   Knowing what to do with them is critical.  Obliviously there are good leads and poor ones but often it depends primarily on you to determine which category they fit into.  You are the one sorting.    

Here are really 2 good tips for any type of prospect:

1. Ask questions. 

Matter of fact, the more you can gather from your prospect the better off you will be.  Your first goal is to determine if the prospect is really serious or just curious.  Are they ready to make a decision?  Do they have the resources?  Are they experienced?  How far in the process are they?  Are they the only decision maker? 

By asking just a few questions at the start, you can help determine for yourself if the person you are talking to is someone you want to pursue now, a little later or way down the road.  

Each time you talk with a prospect should give you even more information about their needs, wants and desires. 

Ask questions and keep asking questions.

2.  Listen. 

Listen to what they are saying to you.  Are they being evasive?  Cautious?  Determine through their voice tone, inflections and mannerisms if you are connecting with them.  Are they giving up info easily or is it difficult?  Are you hearing the real reason they are looking?  Are they looking at all?

As you listen you are remembering what you heard.  You will be able to use this information later in the conversation to help them realize that you do understand what they have been saying to you.  You have the information because you are listening.

Most people are not listening but waiting to “pitch” their prospect.  They only ask a question to give the prospect something to say but they really just want to flood them with reasons why the prospect should join their company. 

By listening, you will be able to let the prospect “pitch” them selves.  After all, they are the ones that said they were looking not you.  Listen to “why” they are looking.  Listen to why they are listening to you!

These two simple tips can turn you into a super recruiter. 

Just Listen and Remember. 


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