All Network Marketers Can Be Thankful For At Least 1 Item

Sometimes when our networking businesses are not going the way we plan nor expected some people often reach a season where they are disappointed, bitter and/or sad.

Maybe, some are feeling like they are the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day.  Everyone upline is feasting on their efforts!

Many folks in network marketing enter seasons with their businesses not even near where they wanted them to be.

Why be thankful when I haven’t sponsored anyone?  Why be thankful when no one in my company can or will help me?  What can be positive when the economy is hurting so many of us?   How can we be thankful when we still haven’t succeeded in our business yet?  “When I’ve met all my goals, then I’ll be thankful,” is often said.

That’s where our positive attitude can really benefit us and benefit those around us.   It’s our business and we control it.    All of it is in our hands

Everyday can be Thanksgiving Day for those of us in the industry.  We can change anything and everything in an instant. 

Your business can change in an instant.

You can change in an instant.

We can choose to change.

In our industry when we change ourselves, our entire lifetime can change.  Whether we change today or tomorrow or next year, it’s not like that in other occupations. 

In a job or a profession there are too many other factors that have to change.  There are too many things out of our control. 

But not in network marketing - if we change everything changes – instantly!

Just like jim Rohn often said, “You are not a tree – you can change”.

The one item we can all be thankful for is that God has given us the power of choice. 

Of all the plants and animals on the earth, we are the ones given the power to choose.  We can choose to change or we can choose not to change. 

When we change, everything around us changes.

Be thankful you have the power to choose to change.


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