Do You Have The 2 Traits Needed For Success?

So what do you really need to be successful in your own business or MLM or network marketing?  Maybe a lead source?  Sponsoring BIG leaders?  A great product?  A super company? A tremendous sponsor.  A supportive spouse?

All these would be great but that isn’t what our have to have to get the job done. 

You can get all these easily as you develop these two critical traits:

1.   A Positive Can Do Attitude

you must be able to believe you can bu;ild the business  your attitude has to be so strong that  no one can change your mind. 

No friends

No spouse

No prospects

And No business associates

None of these can change your attitude. 

Even events, circumstances, environment and negative factors should not distract you.

Remember you can be positive but if you are not positive and have a can do attitude, it will never work.

2.  A Hard Work Ethic

its just numbers buty you have to work the numbers.  Expecting to win the lottery will not cut it.  Just signing up will not make it happen.   Needing the business to work yesterday will not create success. 

It’s hard work.  It’s lonely work and it can be numbing at times.  No one really knows what your have to unless they are doing it too.  Even big leaders understand how tedious it can be. 

Work your list and add to it.  Work at contacting your prospects.  Work at doing the presentations and work at get better.  Work the follow-ups and work at listening.  And then repeat, repeat and repeat again and again! 

BTW, work harder on your self than you jwork on anything else.  Read the boook, listen to the CDs, attend the seminars.  Grow, stretch and work harder. 

Here’s what you should take from this note:  Work hard and stay positive!


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