5 Signals That You May Be Fired

Are you doing enough in your home-based business to keep from being fired?

Owning your own business can be exciting and rewarding but are you doing enough?

Imagine that you as the owner of your own business and hired yourself to do the tasks necessary to make your business grow and prosper.  If you hired yourself to specifically perform the basics, would you still be around after a month? 

Would you have to fire yourself?

If you are running a home-based business then here are 5 signals that you may be fired: 

1.  Are you marketing your business every day?  You should be exposing your business to someone new everyday.  Show a presentation, do a plan, have someone watch a video daily.  You should be approaching someone new and continually be adding new prospects to your list.  New prospects are the life of your business.  This single action is by far the most important task that you MUST do daily. 

2.  Are you following up with your prospects daily?  You have to call back your prospects, email your customers, check in with your downline and touch bases with your upline as a regular daily work ethic. 

You are running a business.  Your customers and your downline are all a part of your total sales.  Connect with these folks as they will help you reach your financial goals and secure your future.  Help them and you’ll help yourself at the same time.

3.  Are you increasing your own skills everyday?  Read an article, absorb a few pages of a business book or follow a blog daily.  Do anything that will make you a better you.  A better communicator or a better leader or an increase in your skills will be invaluable as your business grows. 

Listen to CDs from the high achievers in your company.  Watch DVDs and study the traits that make the leaders stand apart form the crowd.  Look for nuggets that you can use in your very next call or appointment.

4.  Are you attending a live event weekly?   Any live webinar, home meeting or small presentation will do.  Be “out and about” and show the leaders you are serious. 

In my primary company, I teach that you should pick one day a week as your office time.  This is the time that you “have to go to the office”.  Even though you run a home business, this is the one time you go into the office to check in.  If there are no live meetings in your area, start one.  You and one other person can met at a local Starbucks as you grow and each bring others on board.

5.  Are you continually buying as much of your product as you can?  Buying your own product continues to show that you believe in your merchandise.  You lead by example.  If you want others to buy more, you buy more. 

Bring up or show to your downline or customers any new product that you purchased and talk about it.  A personal testimony and demonstration is extremely powerful.  Plus you get to see new and use the products. 

So you see, there are ways to look at you as your employee.  Now the last question is, “Are you doing enough to keep yourself from being fired?"


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