Why Bother With Pass Out Materials In An Internet World?

Whether you prospect someone, give them a personal presentation or follow up with them at a meeting, make sure you ALWAYS leave them something.

In the Internet world, many new networkers just send their prospects to the their website for all the info.  This is great and it certainly can and does work.  However, Your success will exponentially grow when you have materials readily available to give out.  Actually, almost any brochure, flyer, info pack DVD, or CD will do at the beginning since they really don’t know anything about what you are doing.

The reasons are obvious for the experienced marketers but a newbie may miss the entire point.   New marketers working their “Internet Business” may assume the wrong ideas about the process.

Here are four assumptions you do not want to make:

1.  Don’t assume everyone is as high tech as you think they are.  Many just don’t want to go to the Internet for info on everything in life.  They want it easy.  They can look at your materials at the kitchen table or on the coffee table.  They don’t have to “go some place” to look up your website.  Many just don't want to go home to get back on the computer.

2.  Don’t assume your prospects are going to read everything that you leave with them.  Mix it up.  Give them a CD and a brochure.  While you are at it, tell them what to do with it.  “John, put this in your car right now and listen to on your way to work.”   “Read this on the train tonight.”

As I’m sure you do, in my primary company, we have an Information pack with a variety of materials that we pass out to our prospects.  I use it every time I am with someone for a personal meeting and often will mail parts to a prospect.

3.  Definitely do not assume your materials are inexpensive even though the company charges you so little for them.  Don’t give it to your prospects for free.  Tell them you want it back.  You are just lending it to them to review and yet you want to keep the process going.  Schedule a time to get it back.  Not only can you get it back BUT you can answer their questions, give them more materials or just get to know them better. You continue the process every time you give out more info.

4.  Never assume your prospect will get back to you if they are interested.  Don’t wait for them to get back with you.    Book an appointment on the spot.  Having them look it all over and call you back if they are interested just doesn’t work.  

“I know you are as busy as I am, listen to this CD on the way home tonight and I’ll call you tomorrow with the website.  BTW, I need it back – How about two days from now we can meet again and I can get your feedback?”


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