Duplication - Working For You Or Against You?



It’s about getting people to move the same direction.   However, it can be a positive direction or a negative one.

Regardless of what happens upline, you can make sure your business is always headed in the right direction. 

To do so there are 2 tips you’ll need to consider before you can get your army of people headed down the right road.

  1. Every action you do must be simple.   Keep it simple – build it big.   You’ll build if you remember the newest person must be able to duplicate what you’re doing from the beginning and get positive results. 

            Everything you show or demonstrate to a new person has to be replicated by them when you are not around.  They will need to see from the beginning that they can do what you have done. 

            No matter how great your idea or how effective it is for you, ask yourself, “Can this be done by anyone?  Is it simple and easy to duplicate?” 

If not, do not teach to your group!

      2.  Before introducing anything check with your upline leader.  Nothing confuses a group faster than new ideas that do not work.  If the idea works for you that does not mean it will work for others or your entire organization.  Your skill levels may be far more advanced than you think. 

The old adage still applies, “Don’t do anything the first time without checking upline.”  There may be numerous reasons why your organization is not doing a certain idea that you think is fantastic. 

Spend your time duplicating not innovating.   The pattern is in place and your role as a good leader and upline is duplicated the pattern.  By you duplicating what works, you demonstrate and validate what the newest person should be doing – duplicating!

If your company does not have a duplicable concise system for YOUR success, check this out - unless you are just making way too much money…