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Born in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, Dave rose to one of the top spots in the MLM world.  As a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Author and Speaker, Dave continues to help others develop and grow. 

Dave is one of the thousands of success stories within network marketing.  His motive for getting started in the industry was really very simple: he just wanted to provide a secure income for his family in case anything was to happen to him. 

Since he was selling real estate at the time, his income was dependant on numerous outside sources. 

One thing that was “certain” was that his income was “uncertain”.

As the breadwinner, Dave took responsibility to do everything he could to insure the financial stability for his family.  He insisted that his wife would not have to work outside the house unless she chose to do so.   BTW, she chose NOT to! 

At that time, he opened his own networking business since the networking industry matched his desire to provide some sort residual income for his family.

Although, finding the proper company, products and leadership were important; Dave quickly discovered that a “system” that anyone could duplicate was a critical to success. 

His rise to the top levels in the industry only came from a lot of hard work and many hours.  He enjoyed years of financial peace but soon learned that if he did not change something, it was not to last forever. 

The greatest technological change in the world was about to launch:



He soon realized that numerous economic market shifts and the introduction of the Internet could destroy his perfect “cash cow” residual income business.  These market forces led him to refine his “system” and move onto the Internet.  

Although he had to learn the new technology and new skill sets from scratch, he slowly acquired the knowledge necessary to teach others. 

As one of the first adaptors in the scope of the Internet within the networking field, Dave has introduced the power of the web to small armies of distributors.  One Internet project that Dave created and implemented connected literally thousands of distributors to having their own successful website. 

His love and dedication to the network marketing industry is boundless.

After over 25 successful years and an incredible lifestyle he is truly grateful for everything he has been blessed with on this earth - especially his wife Michelle, four children and two grandchildren. 

Regardless of the changing economic times, he knows the future is secured for his family.


Michelle at Beach

Michelle was born and grew up as a true California girl.  Just a few miles outside of San Francisco, Michelle’s family home life was secure, comfortable and peaceful.

Always an entrepreneur, Michelle constantly looked for avenues outside the normal job route.  Although she excelled at various jobs, it wasn’t until she entered the real estate market that she had found her “niche”. 

As a real estate agent, broker, owner, mortgage broker, investor and teacher, Michelle continued to demonstrate her leadership abilities.  

Running a family, building her career and watching over her business interests, Michelle made the time to finish her college classes and graduate with her Real Estate degree.

Her motto as a broker was that it was not enough to outwork everyone else, she had to be more competent than her peers.   She made sure she protected her clients and relationships throughout her entire career by staying on top of the quickly changing real estate trends, forecasts and regulations. 

Matter of fact, after 25 years in the real estate field, Michelle continues to renew her Real Estate Broker license in California and runs the investment end of the Lovett estate.

Despite her busy schedule, Michelle found time to start and build her own successful networking business in 1989.  As with all her endeavors, she made sure the business worked.  After just a few years she had built a tremendous group and her efforts from the early 1990's still pays her today!

In a nutshell, Michelle is educated, smart, a hard worker and very entrepreneurial.


Dave and Michelle Lovett Us With Award from CCPro

Dave and Michelle are key players in developing web presence and exposures for literally thousands of small home based business owners around the world. 

Not only were they early adopters of promoting long term money streams and continuity incomes, they actively help people “get in the game”. 

They developed a massive sales funnel to help people enter into their own income streams and provide a security and retirement for them and their families. 

Fortunately, they have been blessed but it is not about them, it’s about helping other people achieve and being recognized for their efforts. 

They are here to help YOU.

Many of their associates and students have catapulted themselves into the 1% income brackets in many ventures that they created in the USA.

BTW, here’s an awards photo of one of their special students -

David Speaking.jpg

Their son, David Schwind, is one of the best copywriters on the Internet!

Relying on all of their life experiences - college, military service, corporate world, real estate sales, teaching at community college, building networks, real estate development and investing - they’re committed to helping others into the 6 figure income bracket.

As a professional speaker, Dave has shared the platform with a number of notable speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Diane Kennedy, Tom Landry and many more.

Dave has hosted many business seminars featuring motivational giants like Zig Zigler, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and Denis Waitley to name a few.  As a sales trainer, Dave has been involved in the recruitment and training of over 100,000 sales people around the globe. 

After over 25 years of massive success in the home-based business field, they’ve learned one MAJOR Principle:

Making Serious Money Is NOT Easy!


Here’s the bottom line. There are so many scams, Ponzi schemes and get rich quick business opportunities on the Internet - it’s scary.

Hundreds of "gurus" you’ve never even known sounding like they are God’s gift to this industry and most have NEVER BUILT one networking organization of any size!  They sell their tools, books, Internet courses that focus on 'how to' and yet they have never demonstrated they know 'how to'.

There are so many people on the Internet offering bad advice, it seems overwhelming - who is really successful? 

Since 1985, Dave has been earning a full-time income while working part time, mostly within the network marketing and direct sales industry.

Today Dave and Michelle enjoy an incredible sense of security, peace of mind and have lots of free time because they’ve created multiple streams of income.

Being debt free and having no credit card bills allows a financial peace beyond words. If there is any hic-up in a couple of their money streams, it won’t even be a blip on the screen... they would still be able to comfortably live.

It’s not about them getting more - it’s about impacting others to live the life they deserve. 

YOU being debt free.

YOU having financial dignity.

YOU having a peaceful retirement.

We wish you the BEST...

Dave and Michelle Lovett  in New York 2.001-001.jpg

Well, it is possible for the “average Joe” to make money in this industry and business model.

Dave proved it!  Michelle proved it!

Lets face it.  There are folks out there that have “no time” with plenty of money.

Don’t know about you but many don’t consider this an abundant life! Certainly not one that Dave wanted. Where’s the fun!

And, who wants to have plenty of time without any money?  Not a good option for sure.

It’s a good thing that “BOTH” are possible!  Time and Money...Yea! 

Smart is to be in the “Both” category don’t you think?

At age 35 Dave was struggling like everyone else he knew with no time and very little money.

And Bingo, he found them! The correct mentors. 

What an awakening.

By age 40, Dave had it reversed.  “Time and Money”...what a great combination.  Not to mention, What a life!  Now, that’s Living!

Proven Reliable Performance! 

Have you ever tried to reach some of the other “top leaders” and you never even get a call back? Well...

Test Dave!  He is available - (916) 484-3711 - “it rings in his pocket.”  He will be glad to steer you in the right direction!

Picture Perfect Lifestyle!